$25,000 Personal Injury Settlement for Deck Injury

John Meehan Jr. and the Meehan Law LLC legal team recently settled a personal injury case involving a deck that gave way resulting in injuries to a St. Louis woman.  She was at a friend’s home for dinner on the back deck when a damaged board broke and her leg fell through, resulting in injuries.  She suffered from a foot fracture as well as other knee injuries. These injuries reduced her ability to work number of months.  After several months of negotiation we were able to secure a favorable settlement for our client.

Proving liability in personal injury cases involving private property can be difficult.  We were able to prove that the homeowner knew about the weak board and made a statement that they had been meaning to repair it.  When it comes to a personal injury suffered at a private home, the premises liability claims are brought through a homeowners insurance policy that covers these types of events.  There may be multiple converges such as Liability and Medical Payments that can be applied to the eventual settlement.

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