$25,000 Settlement for Car Accident Passenger

Meehan Law LLC recently reached a $25,000 settlement to a young passenger in a car accident.  Our client was injured when a stalled vehicle caused a driver in the left lane to swerve in front of the driver of our client’s vehicle, resulting in a serious accident.  Our client was a high school senior who was sitting in the back seat.  There were three other people in the vehicle, one of whom sustained substantial injuries.

In settling this case, we were required to pursue compensation from multiple insurance companies.  Missouri is a comparative negligence state, meaning liability can be apportioned to multiple parties.  We were able to collect from the driver of the vehicle our client was riding with, the other driver who switched lanes, as well as the Medical Payments coverage of his driver.  We used photographic evidence of the traumatic results of the accident on our client’s clothing, on top of multiple medical records substantiating our clients neck and back injuries in order to settle the claim.

We had to fight with both insurance companies in order to receive just compensation for our client, as they were in a dispute about the liability in this matter.  No car accident is the same, so when you consider hiring a personal injury attorney, it is important to know that your attorney not only understands which coverages are involved, and can be applied to the case, but also how to persuade multiple insurance companies to work together to come to a just resolution for your client.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Missouri or Illinois, give us a call!  You focus on recovery, we focus on justice!