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About Us

Meehan Law, LLC is a St. Louis based law firm specializing in Personal Injury and Criminal Defense.

Our attorneys have been featured in various media publications and broadcasts from the local Riverfront Times to the nationally circulated Washington Post and New York Times for both their legal representation and community activism. We have handled many high profile cases from the highest paying police misconduct settlement in St. Louis history at the time, to numerous personal injury settlements and judgments for the maximum statutory limits.

For years our attorneys have served the St. Louis community, providing quality professional legal representation to clients. Over the years we have maintained a sterling reputation for our activism and dedication to the St. Louis community.

We not only provide clients with representation but we provide many different pro bono legal services to community organizations as well. Our attorney’s have won numerous awards for their activism, community involvement, and legal representation.

The attorneys in our office have been dedicated to serving the St. Louis community and we look forward to continuing to be heavily involved in fighting for and preserving the rights of citizens of the St. Louis Metro area for a many years to come.

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