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St. Louis Criminal Law Attorney

At Meehan Law LLC, we have extensive experience in representing hundreds of criminal clients in the St. Louis Metro Area. All of our criminal defense attorneys are licensed to practice both State and Federal criminal cases in Missouri, specifically the Eastern District. Every attorney on our staff has extensive experience in criminal law and criminal defense.

We handle a wide range of criminal matters, on a case-by-case basis, and have represented many high profile clients, including many professional musicians and athletes.

We believe that all of our clients should be treated with respect and dignity, and we will do everything within our power to ensure that you get the best criminal defense from our criminal defense lawyers. We take time with our clients, get to know them as people, and do our best to protect your rights against criminal charges.

We have represented thousands of clients against criminal charges, and have obtained many favorable results covering a wide range of criminal issues, such as:


If there is a warrant out for your arrest, you cannot avoid it forever; eventually you will be caught. Our attorneys can help you to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and arrest by taking action and getting the situation rectified or resolved proactively, before you are arrested.

Wanted for Questioning

If you are wanted for questioning by police our criminal defense lawyers can assist you with completing the investigation on your terms. Our attorneys will accompany you to the police station, provide legal counsel during the questioning, and be with you every step of the way.


Our criminal defense lawyers have a lot of experience in representing clients for DWI in the St. Louis area. We will review the evidence, question the officers and their processes, and whether it is your first DWI or you are a prior offender, we will fight for your driving privileges and make sure you are able to continue working and living your life during and after the legal process.

Drug Crimes

Many of the laws in our nation are changing, especially when it comes to marijuana offenses. Our criminal defense lawyers have a wealth of experience in defending criminal drug charges in St. Louis, and we will fight to ensure that your future is not permanently affected due over-prosecution of minor drug charges in our country.

Juvenile Crimes

If your relatives or children are minors charged with a crime it is very important that you get them quality criminal representation that is familiar with the juvenile process. Even though many juvenile records are confidential, it is important that you take their charges seriously because the records are always available to law enforcement and in subsequent criminal cases.

Violent Crimes

Being charged with a violent crime can have a severe impact on your employment, your social life, and your reputation. These crimes often result in a recommendation of jail or prison so it is important that you have a criminal defense lawyer who is dedicated to your representation.

Weapons Charges

Given the current atmosphere in St. Louis, especially the City of St. Louis, illegal weapon and gun charges are treated very seriously. Possession of a weapon can be legal, sometimes it requires a license, and in some circumstances depending on the weapon it could be completely illegal to possess.

White Collar Crimes

Many people every year are charged with white-collar crimes, either by a business employer or financial institution. These cases are complex and involve multiple transactions and a large amount of paperwork requiring lawyers will take the time to analyze all aspects of your case and who will fight for your future as an employee.

Theft Crimes

Crimes of stealing and theft can be embarrassing and often involve serious consequences for your future employment. Our criminal defense attorneys will treat you with dignity and fight hard to represent you with compassion, understanding, and experience.


In Missouri certain crimes are eligible for expungement from your record. Generally misdemeanors must be over 10 years old, and felonies must be over 20 years old to be expunged.

Federal Crimes

Federal cases are based on a solid foundation of evidence gathered over a long period of time. Federal court is regulated by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and it is critical to have a criminal defense lawyer who understands this system, and has experience with Federal criminal cases.

Probation Violations

Probation revocation can result in having a conviction on your record, fines, or even incarceration. It is important to have a defense lawyer who understands the many sentencing options and alternative resolutions to having your probation revoked.

Traffic Offenses

A criminal defense lawyer can protect your driving record by ensuring that you don’t receive points against your license for traffic violations. Avoiding or procrastinating with these issues can result in warrants and hefty fines. We handle traffic offenses in all of the municipalities in the St. Louis Metro area.

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