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St. Louis Drug Possession Lawyer

The landscape in our country is changing when it comes to the use and possession of drugs, especially Marijuana. Our St. Louis Drug Possession Lawyers have a wealth of experience in representing individuals charge with crimes involving drug possession.

In St. Louis there are many options in place that may benefit individuals who are addicted to recreational, but illegal drugs. It is important that you choose experienced drug possession lawyers in St. Louis who understand the system and can guide you through the system to take advantage of these options.

Drug Court is a rigorous, yet valuable option for many first time offenders, or drug addicts who pick up criminal charges due to the effects or results of their addictions. These programs are set up in order to provide drug screening and treatment to those in need, and if completed successfully can result in the person’s underlying cases being dismissed.

Marijuana possession is a hot topic in our country today, and our drug possession lawyers are also activists in the realm of marijuana legalization. Not only do we advocate its legalization, but also our attorneys have been invited to speak on panels, make television appearances, and be mentioned in the St. Louis media in support of marijuana legalization, as well as fighting against selective prosecution resulting in severe racial disparities in the issuances of drug possession cases.

We regularly assist drug possession clients with:

  • Defense from Municipal, State or Federal Drug Charges
  • Obtaining Drug Treatment Programs
  • Applying and Screening for Drug Court Programs
  • Reviewing Discovery for Illegal Searches and Seizures by Officers
  • Providing Statistical Information to Courts About the Changing Views of Marijuana in the United States

If you, a friend or relative has been charged with drug possession in St. Louis, contact our experienced DWI lawyer in St. Louis today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 314-329-4849 or send a message via our Contact field to the right.

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